Monday, May 30, 2011

Report and presentation

Hi everyone!

We are nearly done with our bachelor's thesis, yeeha!

You can download out thesis from here:

A Generic Game Server - Bachelor's Thesis (PDF)

And today we gave a 20 minutes presentation, here are the presentation slides.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

JavaScript Virtual Machine in GGS

In short: it works bitches!

Oh yeah, thanks to Mattias work this week we are able to use JavaScript as a programming language for our games now. There remains still a little bit of work but it does not hang when we try to get something into of from the database, check this out:

2> GameVm = ggs_gamevm:start_link("test_table").
2> ggs_gamevm:call_js(GameVm, "GGS.jeena.setItem('a','foo')").
3> ggs_gamevm:call_js(GameVm, "GGS.jeena.getItem('a')").     

This is so awesome, I won't be able to sleep tonight :D I think I need beer or something :D

What needs to be done now is to adapt the code so the first client, who will act as kind of a host, is able to upload the server source code (JavaScript) at the beginning and then other clients shall be able to connect to this one table.