Monday, May 30, 2011

Report and presentation

Hi everyone!

We are nearly done with our bachelor's thesis, yeeha!

You can download out thesis from here:

A Generic Game Server - Bachelor's Thesis (PDF)

And today we gave a 20 minutes presentation, here are the presentation slides.


  1. That looks so interesting! I can't wait until it's published. I am really excited for you. You know so much about game servers, and I think you will really be able to contribute to the world with your thesis.

  2. Hey Robert!
    Nice to hear you're interested in our thesis :) It's actually finished by now, if you want to read it it's available in full from here:

    What led you to this blog if I may ask? :)

  3. Great thesis, seriously. I hope everyone appreciates how much you understand about game servers.

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