Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Second testing session

Today we had an online testing session. Jeena started an instance of the GGS on his server in Germany. I(Niklas), Mattias and Jeena connected pong clients written in Erlang to the server in order to test how much data/how many client the GGS could handle. In the last testing session we tested the server by how many clients it could handle, however this seems like a bad way of testing a system like the GGS. Jeena found out that a good way of testing servers is how many messages they can handle per second and in today’s session we focused on that instead of how many clients that could be connected to the server. To be able to measure the number of messages per second did we add some minor things in the GGS.

When the GGS was operational we started to connect bots, the messages per second reached 5000 when about 200 bots where connected. However the number of messages per second did soon decrease to about 3500 even though we added more bots. We continued the testing for a while and the server did never proceed more than 5000 messages per second, most of the time it was pending between 3000 and 4000 messages per second. The conclusion we can draw from this is that the GGS currently is limited to around 5000 messages per second and when this number is exceeded the server will queue messages. A short message queue is acceptable but when it becomes to long the clients will get delays and the game will be impossible to play if to many clients are added to the same server.

The blue line is the amount of clients, the yellow one is how many messages per second the clients send and the red one how many messages per second the server ist sending to the clients.

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