Monday, January 17, 2011

About this blog

This is "The Generic Game server development blog". We are a group of students at the Gothenburg University in Sweden and this is our Bachelor-Thesis blog. We will write here along mostly for ourselves so we don't forget what we were doing all the time. Background Currently it is very difficult to roll your own game server. Using our system a game developer should be allowed to focus more of his or her efforts on the actual game, and leave the server part to our software. Project description The general idea is to model your state, in an appropriate format (e.g. JSON, Plist, custom binary, etc.), supply modifying functions (such as game time, or gravity) and push this model to our server, which will keep track of the world. The server will be implemented in Erlang, for concurrency purposes and use JavaScript (or similar) as a DSL to let the client modify the world state. The server will allow clients to push data along to other participating clients (much like a chat), and to modify the game state. Using this model, of pushing either state or pushing messages allows for a very versatile server capable of many things. One could build a chat server (IRC), or a world server (World of Warcraft), etc.

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