Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hello Mnesia!

The first lines of code concerning Mnesia was added today. So far it's not much more than a stub consisting of a three files. One erlang header to store the structure of a player table. One erlang source file for creating a player table, inserting an example player into the table and ask the table for the play element for printing. One textfile to help initialize Mnesia with the proper terminal and erlang commands together with this newly added peaces of code. All of which can be found in the newly added Mnesia directory inside the master branch of the GGS project. Mnesia seems very straight forward but a little low level as all calls to access the data in the database need to be implemented manually. This in other hand turns out to be an advantage for us as we intend not to follow the general rules of database management but to have games store information in runtime. Next step in the process is to design a generic database structure that suit our needs. This should be further discussed within the group later on but a recursive hashmap has already been suggested. How the Mnesia part will be integrated with the rest of the project isn't all too clear either. As pieces of code already has been added by different group members, it is time to agree on a code convention.


  1. Yeah, I just wrote about my problems with a convinient JavaScript-API. It seems that we'll have to work out something easier to work with.

  2. We should decide on code conventions indeed!

    I propose we adapt this document to suit our needs.