Thursday, January 27, 2011

Trying out Google V8

Jeena pointed out today that Google V8 may be a good alternative to SpiderMonkey, and it indeed seems so. In short, here is how we can implement callbacks in JS->Erl using erlv8 I have forked the repo Jeena hosts on GitHub to one I host, while playing with V8.

Time Report
Jan 26, we had a meeting between 13-15, so 2 hours
I worked with V8 between 00.30-02.00, so 1.5 hours
In total: 3.5 hours.


  1. Yeah, I had major headaches today while I tried to implement exposing our host object to JavaCcript in a good and convinient way.

    ttepasse added a link to a example where sone guy uses proxy-inception in Firefox 4 beta (spidermonkey) the way I would like our API to work, it is not implemented in V8 that way (yet).

  2. I read some of ttpasse's second article as well.. Isn't this what we want for V8?

  3. Oh.. Seems like that was for node.js..

  4. can erlv8 run on windows ???

  5. @john, I didn't encounter any note saying it wouldn't, but I didn't try either. We switched over to erlang_js which uses SpiderMonkey instead and this project explicitly states that erlang_js does not run on windows.