Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A bit of a rewrite

Today we realized that our old structure of GGS wasn't very good, so we decided to redo it! We have learned a lot developing the "old" structure of GGS, such as how to use supervisor structures properly and which the big parts of the application are.

Anyway.. Using this knowledge, we sat down and really thought through which interfaces we need internally. We also asked ourselves "what happens when this part of the application fails?", and provided solutions for this. In the end, I think we came up with a pretty nice solution.

We now represent all clients as separate processes, and we have a coordinator process which connects different clients with different games. The idea is that this coordinator process should be able to rebuild the entire server in a different location, and thereby easily provide replication.

We all sat down and created stubs for the new design and documented the design in this document, and I later sat down and implemented the basic supervisor structure and socket communication, just so we have something runnable.

I predict we will soon be up and running with the same amount of functionality we had with the previous design, much of the code was written in such a way that we can simply pop it in to the new design.

Time report:

Today: 8 hours

Yesterday: 5 hours

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