Friday, February 4, 2011

Protocol changes

Now I have implemented much of the new protocol Jeena proposed. GGS has gotten to the point where it is possible to define a function with an arbitrary name, and run the same function. A session is maintained via a token that is passed back and forth between client and server.
We still have not implemented unique IDs for the users, so if more than one user connected at once, there'd be a 0.1% chance that they get the same ID!
The javascript running code is really simple at the moment, and Jeena is working on improving it.
The supervisor tree graphic that was shown in the last post is now implemented. We have an mnesia controller which we can use to communicate with mnesia, we still only have one ggs_server though.
I and Niklas also went to the library to learn more about their databases, it was very informative and will certainly prove to be a great resource.

Time report
Yesterday: 3 hours (including meeting w/ supervisor)
Today: 4 hours, working on the protocol, 2 hours in library = 6 hours total

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