Monday, February 21, 2011

Board game classifications

Strategic play: Choice is based on multiple turns. Example: Openings in chess. Tactical play: Choice is based on current turn only. Example: Having the knight perform check while simultaneously threatening the queen.

informal games: Undirected play. As in a playground.
formal games: Games with means and ends. where Means consists of are predetermined set of rules and equipment. Ends are a set goals to accomplish through contest.

Game board:
* A flat surface. Example: Chess
* Tile laying. Tokens stacked on top of each other.Example: Scrabble(Afapet in swedish)
* Boardless. Boards which isn't flat like 3D boards or no board at all. Example: Yatzy

Combinatorial games
Discrete: No simultaneous moves
Deterministic: No luck
Perfect information: No hidden information
Finite: Well defined outcome after first nr of moves

Race games: Players trying to be the first to reach from start to end. Example: Parcheesi
Space games: Arrange pieces into patterns. Developing and disrupting the enemy. Example: Three in a row
Chase games: Hunter and pray. Capturing and entrapping. Example: Cops & robbers.
Displace games: Capture a fixed nr of opponents pieces. Example: Fox games.

Variable geometry:
Fixed: Nr in a row, Target pattern. Example: 3 in a row
Variable: Pathmaking. Territorial. Reach a goal. China chess.

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