Saturday, February 19, 2011

Game Semantics

Used to study the behavior of simple programming constructs and create an abstract model. This model is then used to express game rules, strategies, terminologies etc.

Example: An expression written using a newly defined model compared to a lambda expression.

The reason is to have the simplest most well fitting syntax for the domain being studied. In this way it will be easy to understand expressions even as they become complex.

How could GGS benefit of game semantics? There probably exists optimal models to express all sorts of game behaviours. I believe you could have an application reading the history of gamestates and parses them with respect to such a model and then represent them to a user. These sorts of applications is not our main concern but could probably very easy be used in conjunction with GGS. Or maybe even built into the javascript game.

Another idea would be able to send such expressions to the game in runtime. Therefore enabling players to modify the rules of the game. Unfortunately GGS isn't powerful enough being able to support that idea. * You would need to translate whatever the game expressions are into java script. * The ability to reload the gamefunctions inside spidermonkey in runtime. * Alternatively having multiple virtual machines running simultaneously, cross communicating. This would be even harder as we would need to write our own vm and having them communicate with each other.

To summarize: Adding this kind of support to GGS would direct the focus from our current goals of not having to implement network support by oneself, to creating a game design tool with networking and communication support.

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