Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Now the supervisor is active and working in our little GGS. Currently there is one root supervisor, which supervises the ggs_server process. Once the ggs_server process dies (which can be forced by a __crash command), the supervisor restarts it.

The problem is that the ggs_server process holds valuable state, which we need to propagate to other ggs_server processes for reliability. The next step is figuring out how we can run two (or more) completely mirrored ggs_server processes, and bringing one down doesn't wring the other down.

The network part of the ggs_server module should also be moved out to ggs_network, similar to how the application level protocol is placed in ggs_protocol. The actions taken by ggs_server when a message is received are currently not implemented in an "OTP fashion" and should be rewritten as such (should be simple).

Yesterday, we spent some time discussing and implementing the protocol which we use to communicate to the clients and back to the server again. This ended up as the ggs_protocol module. Also, yesterday night (this morning..) I implemented {client, JS-VM} mappings in an OTP fashion in ggs_server.

The picture below shows the supervisor setup we are currently working towards. The tree depicts the GGS system running on one machine, when run on several machines, we need to link several of these trees together

Time report Yesterday (day): 4 hours Yesterday (night): 2 hours Today: 3 Hours

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