Monday, February 21, 2011

Bulk update

A lot has happened, and this post should really be several posts; unfortunately it is not.
We now have an 'emulator' for our game virtual machine, which is in the future written in a DSL, but for now written in Erlang, lets call this emulator gamevm_e.
Gamevm_e implements the functions and protocol that will later be written and uploaded by game developers, things like placing chess pieces on a board. The purpose of gamevm_e is to be able to test our backing architecture before we have a proper vm in place, so in the future, gamevm_e will probably be removed, since we really want to use other languages, such as Javascript, or Lua for this.
We have during the end of the past week and this weekend managed to connect several Player processes to one Table process, thereby sharing one gamevm_e process. This has allowed us to communicate between players, and thereby also client. To test this functionality I developed a small chat client with its server side logic written in gamevm_e, in erlang.
We have also shifted more of our focus towards investigating which support libraries and helpers we need to provide to game developers. We have so far come up with things related to ranking systems, content distribution (for sending graphics, maps, etc to clients), perhaps micro-payment systems to allow charging players. More time will be spent investigating these things.
Time report:
From th 18/2 - 20/2 : Approximately 10 hours

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